2013 Weston Cup & Showcase    
2/15/2013 - 2/18/2013
Event Information

Event ID# 26541
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 Weston & Plantation, FL 33331
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Tournament Level
Boys Category
 Silver Tournament
Girls Category
 Bronze Tournament
Game Records 840
Boys Flights 40
Girls Flights 25
Total Teams 491
In State Teams 482 (98%)
In Region Teams 483 (98%)
Foreign Teams 4 (1%)
Florida’s premier Presidents’ Day Weekend tournament for boys and girls teams. In 2012, the Weston Cup had 485 teams from throughout Florida, multiple states, and international teams from Canada, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Mexico, and Venezuela that competed at four facilities which included over 30 playing fields. Teams from outside Florida, including international teams participate each year. The tournament will offer four levels of competition: Showcase, Gold, Silver, and Bronze for U8 through U19 boys and girls teams.
Boys - Silver Tournament
In State
325 (99%)
In Region
326 (99%)
1 (0%)
Total Teams
 x2  x1
 Ranked Boys Flights
 Gold (Red)
 Gold (White)
 Silver (Red)
 Silver (White)
 Bronze (Red)
 Bronze (White)
 Bronze (Red)0
 Bronze (White)0
 Silver (Red)250
 Silver (White)156
 U13 (U12 11v11 Division)219
 U18/19 Showcase688
 U18/19 Gold136
Girls - Bronze Tournament
In State
157 (97%)
In Region
157 (97%)
3 (2%)
Total Teams
 Ranked Girls Flights
 Gold (Red)750
 Gold (White)313
 Girls HS Showcase703
 Girls HS Gold78
 Girls HS Silver78
Tournament Events
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