adidas Sam Shannon Showcase 2013    
11/23/2013 - 11/24/2013
Event Information

Event ID# 29458
 Jim Tindell
Asst. Director
 Bret Bagley
 Tulsa, OK 74137
Event Website
Tournament Level
Boys Category
 Gold Tournament
Girls Category
 Silver Tournament
Game Records 285
Boys Flights 20
Girls Flights 23
Total Teams 200
In State Teams 97 (48%)
In Region Teams 167 (84%)
Foreign Teams None
ONLY Top Major College Showcase in Oklahoma! Teams expected from over 8 different state associations! Deadline October 20, 2013. *COLLEGE COACHES: Use "Register to Attend" link at top to register for the event. Expanded to more age groups!
Boys - Gold Tournament
In State
47 (52%)
In Region
77 (85%)
Total Teams
 Ranked Boys Flights
 Boys U11 CSFL0
 Boys U11 Red215
 Boys U12 CSFL0
 Boys U12 Red365
 Boys U13/14 Red672
 Boys U15 Red4125
 Boys U15 White282
 Boys U16 Red781
 Boys U16 White391
 Boys U16 Blue261
 Boys U17 Red938
 Boys U17 White313
 Boys U17 Blue117
 Boys U19 Red2891
 Boys U19 White313
 Boys U19 Blue234
 Boys U19 Stars176
 Boys U19 Stripes156
 Boys U19 Patriot156
Girls - Silver Tournament
In State
46 (44%)
In Region
85 (82%)
Total Teams
 Ranked Girls Flights
 Girls U11 CSFL0
 Girls U10/11 11v11313
 Girls U10/11 9v9391
 Girls U12 CSFL0
 Girls U12 Red1156
 Girls U13 Red2156
 Girls U14 Red446
 Girls U14 White293
 Girls U15 Red266
 Girls U15 White215
 Girls U16 Red282
 Girls U16 White195
 Girls U17 Red860
 Girls U17 White219
 Girls U17 Blue195
 Girls U17 Stars98
 Girls U19 Red446
 Girls U19 White266
 Girls U19 Blue195
 Girls Stars176
 Girls Stripes78
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