Show-Me Showdown    
9/14/2012 - 9/16/2012
Event Information

Event ID# 25731
 Jim Brand
 St. Charles, MO 63366
Event Website
Tournament Level
Boys Category
 Silver Tournament
Girls Category
 Bronze Tournament
Game Records 345
Boys Flights 17
Girls Flights 21
Total Teams 206
In State Teams 188 (91%)
In Region Teams 201 (98%)
Foreign Teams None
The Missouri Rush Soccer Club would like to invite all teams to participate in our 2012 Show-Me Showdown Tournament. Our tournaments have been recognized as some of the best local youth tournaments in the region with many top-ranked local and regional teams in attendance. Our 2012 Mothers' Day Tournament hosted over 250 teams with 42 Flights. Please join us for a great weekend of soccer!!
Boys - Silver Tournament
In State
87 (91%)
In Region
94 (98%)
Total Teams
 Ranked Boys Flights
 U11 Boys Nike
 U11 Boys Swoosh
 U11 Boys Blue
 U12 Boys Nike644
 U12 Boys Swoosh313
 U12 Boys Blue156
 U13 Boys Nike2226
 U13 Boys Swoosh563
 U13 Boys Blue250
 U14 Boys Nike375
 U14 Boys Swoosh215
Girls - Bronze Tournament
In State
101 (92%)
In Region
107 (97%)
Total Teams
 Ranked Girls Flights
 U11 Girls Nike
 U11 Girls Swoosh
 U12 Girls Nike664
 U12 Girls Swoosh313
 U12 Girls Blue156
 U13 Girls Nike664
 U13 Girls Swoosh234
 U13 Girls Blue195
 U14 Girls Nike1250
 U14 Girls Swoosh176
 U15 Girls Nike274
 U15 Girls Swoosh195
 U16 Girls Nike508
 U17 Girls Nike187
 U18 Girls Nike208
 U18 Girls Swoosh196
Tournament Events
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