FYSA 2018 Region A Commissioner's Cup
3/3/2018 - 3/25/2018
Limited to Region A teams only. Team application deadline is December 15, 2017. Payment is due by December 15, 2017.

All teams must meet the following eligibility as per the rules:
1. Teams that play in FSPL, a Premiere Division or Elite Division of an FYSA Approved League are NOT eligible to participate in Commissioner’s Cup.
2. A team participating in Commissioner’s Cup must enter the competition of their State Association’s Region in their age appropriate bracket, as defined by US Youth Soccer.
3. Teams may only enter Commissioner’s Cup in the age group of their oldest player, based on the roster at the time of entry. After entry, teams may not release players in order to qualify for a younger age group; no team may enter an age group for which they do not have at least one player of that age rostered of that age at time of entry and at roster freeze.
4. The team must be entered in the competition of the State Association in which at least 50 percent of its players are registered.
5. Prior to the start of the competition, all 11u-17u teams are required to participate and play a minimum of three league games (in a sanctioned FYSA inter-club league) against different opponents. As part of the application, teams must declare the qualifying league and division in which they participate to meet this requirement.
6. All teams will be reviewed for eligibility based upon their division in league play. Teams playing or who played in division 1 league play anytime during the current seasonal year, as defined in FYSA Bylaw 16, they must have lost 75% of their completed games prior to December 11, 2017.
7. All teams shall have at least one coach with an F license or higher, rostered and on the bench at all times.
8. Failure to comply with one or more of the Team Eligibility requirements will result in the team’s disqualification from Commissioner’s Cup play and forfeiture of entry fee. Additional sanctions may be enforced according to Non-Compliance rules or at the discretion of the Commissioner’s Cup Committee.
Boys -
In State
153 (92%)
In Region
153 (92%)
14 (8%)
Total Teams
 x1  x1
 Ranked Boys Flights
 Boys U11 Div. 1
 Boys U11 Div. 2
 Boys 12U
 Boys 13U
 Boys 14U
 Boys 15U
 Boys 16U
 Boys 17U
Girls -
In State
76 (75%)
In Region
76 (75%)
26 (25%)
Total Teams
 Ranked Girls Flights
 Girls U11 DIv. 1
 Girls U11 Div. 2
 Girls 12U
 Girls 13U
 Girls 14U
 Girls 15U
 Girls 16U
 Girls 17U
Event Information
Event ID# 63224
 Joe Nelson
 Region A, FL 00000
Game Records 388
Boys Flights 8
Girls Flights 8
Total Teams 269
In State Teams 229 (85%)
In Region Teams 229 (85%)
Foreign Teams 40 (15%)
Tournament Events
Event Date
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