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Important Dates:

  • August 1st - 20th: We will be posting 1 ECM Video a day on our Instagram
  • August 21st - 30th: Voting Period. You will decide the winner by choosing your favorite Eye-Catching Moment(s). This poll can be found on our Facebook or GotSoccer.com **Tip: you can vote once a day!**
  • ?August 30th - Last day to Vote
  • ?August 31st - Reveal ECM Winners

**Lets keep this competition fun and fair. NO BOTS. If you use fraudulent methods, your submission may be removed from eligibility at the sole discretion of GotSoccer**

Past Eye-Catching Moments

Watch the best moments in Youth Soccer from the past months. See all of the finalists and which moments got voted as the winners!

Best Picks of 2018

October's ECM

September's ECM

What is Eye-Catching Moments?

Eye-Catching Moments is a monthly competition where players upload videos of their best soccer moments.

It can be a stunning goal, a spectacular save, an amazing pass, a great tackle, an audacious skill or even a cool celebration. Basically we want to see anything that captures the eye in a soccer game.

So don't worry if you missed this month's competition, upload your video for our next competition below:

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