EDP Cup Fall 2022 Girls & Boys

EDP Cup Fall 2022 Girls & Boys

WEATHER UPDATES will be first posted HERE! Check for updates as circumstances warrant. Do not observe the weather in your area and assume it is the same at the fields. Very often there are significant differences.  Should play be suspended, have players seek shelter and make sure your team has arranged for a communication network in advance. Fifteen minutes after play was suspended you can start checking this Schedule Homepage for further instruction. In addition, we will endeavor to send out emails, text messages (for those who provide their text address in their GotSoccer Team Accounts), and post on social media (see below). FOR THE LATEST WEATHER & TOURNAMENT UPDATES: Follow us and stay tuned to our FACEBOOK and TWITTER channels for event information and weather updates. WEATHER UPDATE as of 10:45 AM SATURDAY OCTOBER 16:  There is a large weather system headed our way that will directly impact the competition on Saturday only. The forecast includes severe weather (thunderstorms, lightning and strong winds) this afternoon. Our goal is to get all scheduled games played today and to have all participants exit the facility safely before roads become treacherous. As a result of this forecast, our staff has modified the schedule as follows: For all Saturday games with time slots starting at 12:40 PM or later, we have reduced game times by 10 minutes. Each round of succeeding games will be starting earlier than originally scheduled. Please check the revised Saturday schedule for your teams, as updated and posted online.

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