The Rose Cup

The Mike Rose Soccer Complex is excited to bring you the Rose Cup Tournaments at the Mike Rose Soccer Complex, Memphis, TN.
Tournament Details

This event attracts over 230+ teams from across the country each year and is the perfect end-of-month tournament to add to your calendar. The event has been split into 2 weekends (boys and girls) this will not only provide a much better team experience but will also provide the tournament with much more flexibility in scheduling, handling coaching conflicts, and team requests. All games at one location - The Mike Rose Soccer Complex, Memphis, TN.

Priority and flexible scheduling for coaches with multiple teams - Professional event management and communication - Multiple flights (Gold, Silver, Bronze) for different competition levels - High-Quality Medals for 1st and 2nd place teams -Immediate notice on acceptance - Great hotels and restaurants within 2 miles of the fields. - Free hotel rooms for coaches at most hotels.

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This tournament is fully integrated with the GotSport Tournament Scheduler

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